Don’t Resort to Crowdfunding – Prepare Now for Unforeseen Circumstances

You've read the tragic stories: a dad gets into a motorcycle accident and is severely injured. A family has a sick child, so the parents are not able to work full-time. Families are forced turn to crowdfunding sites like GoFund Me to raise money just to get by. Even in Alberta.

Although we live in a country where basic medical bills are covered, families in these situations must still pay for all the difficult life changes that aren’t covered by traditional health care.

  • They may have to make modifications to their home such as ramps or lifts.

  • They may have to purchase additional expensive medical supplies such as motorized wheelchairs.

  • There can also be costs associated with additional care or medical trips.

All of this must be covered while the family is also experiencing loss of income. It can be an impossible task. Sometimes these situations feel distant, but in reality, we all know people in our community who are facing exactly this.

Financial difficulties because of medical emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances can hit close to home. However, there are steps you can take now to manage the extra financial burden if your family ever experiences unexpected illnesses, accidents, or death. Vandermeer Financial can help you make a plan to invest in insurance that will cover these extra financially devastating expenses.

Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Long-term Care Insurance all have low monthly fees and can provide the peace of mind that will enable you to focus on healing and family in difficult times, rather than being burdened by raising money to survive.

Contact Will at Vandermeer Financial to discuss what coverage will work for your specific needs.

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